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Where does the time go? It’s seems only last week that I posted here yet it appears it was way back in November! The Christmas season called me away and had me decorating, creating fresh seasonal arrangements as well as offering advice on staging homes.

I just had an e-mail today from a client who shared that her husband wants to leave up the decorations just a little longer. I think we can all relate to how bare our homes look once we pack everything away for another year. Take this opportunity to create a new look with the items you have hiding around the house that you might have forgotten about. While I was storing some of my everyday items to make room for Christmas decor I came across some things I had tired of last year and so tucked away in a drawer in the basement. At the time I tucked them away I was thinking of donating them to Value Village, decided against it and stored them instead. Now I see them again they look new to me. Sometimes we need a rest from things we treasure in order to appreciate them again in future.

If you don’t remember quite how you had your everyday things arranged before you stored them for the season don’t despair. Seize this opportunity to rearrange, reuse, redesign your space. Perhaps your next great accent piece is hiding in a closet or resting under the bed. Shop your home for your new look. The best part is it’s free!

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"Thank you so much for the dramatic redesign. Even though I have a knack for home décor myself, I was challenged by the space. Simply switching the placement of my dining area to the other side of the room, made the living room seem so much bigger yet more inviting. Your creative displays of the things that were special to me really completed the look. I am enjoying my home more than ever before."

~ S. Kirkman, Brampton

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