redesign the bathroomWhen it’s re-purposed of course! I’m not a big fan of an exposed trash can in the bathroom. I personally think they should be hidden under the sink. So when my son gave me this beautiful teak set for Christmas a few years back I came up with a new use for the beautiful wood can. Now it holds a botanical arrangement on the counter. I quite like the scale and the way it contrasts the wall. A big fan of texture I searched out some unusual dried botanicals that would really make a statement. Add a maintenance free (very real looking) fake plant and voila! You have a fantastic focal point for the sometimes boring counter. You’ll notice in the photo that there is a nice piece of coral. This was rediscoved (pun intended) last summer when moving my parents to their new home. It used to sit on my dresser when I was a child and I was delighted to A) find it again and B) put it to good use! Funny how things look new again when you move them to a different room, arrangement or home. What everyday items are waiting to be re-purposed in your home?

My name is Carolyn and I specialize in ReDesign and Staging. In a nutshell……I effectively use what you already have to redecorate your home. I’ve always been drawn to harmonious and beautiful surroundings. For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed rearranging my surroundings to suit my ever changing needs and to create great looking, comfortable spaces that I enjoyed spending time in and sharing with others. As I write this I am amused to share that I can still recall the great color scheme and design of my girlfriend’s room I visited when I was 12. For my 14th birthday I was excited to pick out a new duvet for my bed, my mom never had to ask me to tidy my room because I really did love seeing it tidy.

So it’s no surprise that as an adult I find myself passionate about doing this for others. A few years ago, after my employer decided to restructure and eliminate my job, I found myself searching for something fun and inspiring to do. My husband suggested I create a business around my love of re-arranging and beautifying my surroundings. Truth be told, I think he was tired of seeing our own home in constant change! After researching my options, I obtained training to be able to better understand the principals and process of ReDesign and started my business. I knew the moment I completed my first room makeover that I had found my calling. Not only did I think the results were fabulous the client did too! My colleagues and I often say we love doing ReDesign so much that we would almost consider doing it for free but clients were happy to reward me with payment in exchange for one very full and productive day of making their stuff look great!!!

Four years and many rewarding redesigns later I still can’t wait for the opportunity to work magic with someone’s treasures – re-arranging them into functional yet cohesive groupings that bring harmony to a once chaotic environment so they can come home to, and entertain in, a place that they feel proud to call their own.

Life is good.

Cat friendly decorating, redesign to purr about!
Ahhhh, a space to call my own!

I recently had the opportunity to do a redesign for clients who have 3 dogs and 4 cats who share their modest home. Having done many redesigns for cat owners I can tell you that cats are not my friends when I’m changing their familiar surroundings. However, in this case I seem to have made friends with these furry little critters by giving them a space of their own, where their canine companions cannot easily find them. It seems that when I relocated the sofa to be slightly angled in a corner I opened up a space behind it that immediately welcomed occupancy for only those who could enter through an open end table to the side. Who says pets can’t enjoy the benefits of a great furniture layout!

I’ve always been passionate about decorating. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t constantly rearrange my living environment in search of a more interesting and appealing layout depending on my mood. This was something I always did for myself rather than others. With my husband’s encouragement and the support of my friends I came to create a business of doing what I’ve always found very satisfying. This niche in the decorating industry has recently been given a name. ReDesign. It’s not about creating magazine rooms – but rather about working with items that have meaning to someone, looking for their individual appeal and using them in a way that makes them functional yet cohesive with their surroundings. This is how a house becomes a home. This is how I love to spend my day.  Please join me here often where I plan to share ideas, experiences, and tips that may inspire you to Rediscover Your Home.