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Last week we moved my daughter into her University digs and what will be her (and 3 roommates) new home for the next 8 months. She’s taken a position as a superintendent for the building she’s living in. Unfortunately, in accepting this position she is given little time off for home visits. Her request was that we create a homey feeling for her room so she’s reminded of things that make her happy. All we purchased before the move was a new duvet cover in a bold black and white print. Tossing on her bright fuzzy accent pillows and allowing her existing bright green sheets to poke out from under the comforter added that splash of color.

You might think that at 20 she hadn’t much to work with. Not so. She had a great collection of photos which she mounted in unusual shapes on black bristol board before the move, which made a great focal point when entering her room. As an art student she had some favorite pieces which we hung over her bed. A recent garage sale find became a wonderful lamp with a little paint and a new shade. We added a few familiar decor items I had sitting around home, a comfortable chair and ottoman came with us from her room and before long her place was cozy and welcoming. We added one of those inexpensive peel and stick graphics to the backsplash of the boring kitchen wall and another bolder one in the common room as a focal point for her roomies. A little different furniture layout and the addition of some ambient lighting in the shared living room made for a more comfortable conversation area. We left lots of empty space for the addition of her roommate’s stuff.

We really enjoyed our time together shaping her new home. It must be a success. She’s already getting requests to help her friends decorate their rooms!

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"Just wanted to thank you again for the redesign of my main floor. Some of the changes were more dramatic than others, but I liked each one. We now have a living room that's usable. I so like the idea of using my own pieces to get a new look. I would recommend it for anyone who has a problem with design or just needs a new perspective. I enjoyed your company and learned a few things as we worked. All the best on your future redesigns."

S.N., Milton

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