Potted HyacinthFor some of us, the months between Christmas and spring seem to go on forever. One of the things I look forward to during this time is visiting my nearby Terra Nursery outlet to see what’s blooming in the greenhouse. I love bulb flowers and when the forced hyacinths appear in stores you’ll find them in my cart weekly. No air freshener can duplicate the scent of fresh flowers. There are many colors of hyachinths but I’ve discovered the most fragrant ones are the dark purple blooms. Once fully open they tend to droop and often tip over but I’ve discovered a simple way to keep them upright. I take a pretty ribbon and fasten it around the base with a straight pin. This holds them together until the blooms dry out. Once they are past their prime they are retired to the garage until the bulbs can be planted in the garden next fall, resting until it’s time to give us a nice show next spring.

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"Just wanted to thank you again for the redesign of my main floor. Some of the changes were more dramatic than others, but I liked each one. We now have a living room that's usable. I so like the idea of using my own pieces to get a new look. I would recommend it for anyone who has a problem with design or just needs a new perspective. I enjoyed your company and learned a few things as we worked. All the best on your future redesigns."

S.N., Milton

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