Have you ever lived in a home without ample storage at the entry or no closet at all?  Do you need to free up floor space? No room for a small table?  These photos offer some great ideas for your entry that will keep frequently used items easily accessible. Entry ideas

If course a church pew might not fit in every entry but you could consider something smaller such as a foot stool, small deacon’s bench, a sturdy storage basket , or a small chest – anything that could be sat on to put on your shoes.   Even better if it too had storage capabilities.  If you’ve got something suitable that doesn’t go with your decor consider painting it or covering it with a slip cover.

I just love the creative use of picture frames, plants, bulletin board and baskets.  The high contrast baskets also add texture and warmth, the dark hooks contrast nicely also.  Entryway organizationIf you are challenged by a long hallway with no interest this might inspire you to add a focal point.  What are your challenges?


After a busy summer of traveling to and from the cottage and maintaining two properties, repairing our heat damaged lawn and near dead shrubs I was pleased to be able to have a short rest between seasons. Credit goes to my daughter and my fantastic neighbour for managing to keep my front door urns alive while I was away from home off and on throughout the summer. Many an urn full of gorgeous mature plant materials has perished in a short two day weekend of baking hot sun without daily watering.

When we first moved into our home I had a small table and a few muskoka chairs at the front entry to both fill the space and provide a relaxing place to sip wine with my neighbourhood friends on a Friday afternoon while we watched the kids play. Over the years we learned that on a cool but sunny day in March at approximately 3:30 p.m. we could strategically park our muskoka chairs on that cement entry, just around the corner and out of the wind in such a way that it would feel like a hot July day. Okay – so you had to close your eyes and do a little visualization to ignore the melting snow and the sound of slush splashing off passing cars, but it was nice little moments like this that warmed your inner core and gave you a little boost of much needed vitamin D. Now that the kids are grown the chairs have been abandoned for beauty over function and although I look forward to the sun I really love the abundance of plant life   that fills the very colorless corner at the front door and strategically hides the hideous garden hose that needs to hang there. Have you ever noticed that hoses only come in really ugly colors!

This year I decided to forget doing a fall planting (I wasn’t inspired by the plant selection this year) and just patiently wait for the cooler weather so I could once again fill my pots with an abundance of texture and color. In the meantime I brought out the chairs back out for a few weeks but didn’t find time to actually sit in them and sip wine. Yesterday, as the last few leaves fell from our maple tree I was finally able to get those pots filled and looking great again. If it stays cool enough to keep them green they will last throughout the season. I miss sitting in my muskoka chair sipping wine with my neighbours but I think I miss having my pots full of color even more. Wine lasts for a few minutes but the joy of color can last all season.

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"Thank you so much for the dramatic redesign. Even though I have a knack for home décor myself, I was challenged by the space. Simply switching the placement of my dining area to the other side of the room, made the living room seem so much bigger yet more inviting. Your creative displays of the things that were special to me really completed the look. I am enjoying my home more than ever before."

~ S. Kirkman, Brampton

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