Ho Ho Ho, The season is upon us!

I just had my first call this year regarding Christmas decorating. Hard to believe when you look outside at the gorgeous sunny and snow free day we’re having. The stores are full of the latest Christmas decor and have been for a number of weeks, so selection is great. If any of you are considering updating your Christmas decor this is the perfect time to start going through your items, testing your twinkle lights, discarding the ornaments and garlands that have seen better days, and making a list (pun intended) of what you’d like to replace them with. Just a word of caution when going through your ornaments – please – give it some thought before you discard any sentimental pieces that you never actually use. No matter how much you might dislike them today – you may regret not having that one reminder of Great Aunt Nelly once she has passed on.

I hope to share some Christmas decorating tips with you in the next few weeks. Stay tuned….

Getting Connected


"Just wanted to thank you again for the redesign of my main floor. Some of the changes were more dramatic than others, but I liked each one. We now have a living room that's usable. I so like the idea of using my own pieces to get a new look. I would recommend it for anyone who has a problem with design or just needs a new perspective. I enjoyed your company and learned a few things as we worked. All the best on your future redesigns."

S.N., Milton

CRD Association

Canadian Redesigners Association