If we had a choice – most of us would choose sun over rain for the last long weekend of the summer. I personally enjoyed the rain last weekend and saw it as an opportunity to rediscover my creative side and finish up a project I had started at the beginning of the summer.

I thought it would be fun to create a frame for a very plain mirror that has hung in the cottage bathroom since 1985. Inspired by nature (we’ve spent many weekends at the cottage this year) I gathered up some cedar branches of different diameters and cut random pieces at different lengths and glued them to a very rustic wooden frame which my husband put together for me. We then inserted the mirror, used silicone to secure into the frame and waited a few hours for it to dry before we could hang it. I have to say it turned out nicely and it was an easy and fun project for a rainy day. I discovered that once hung it became THE focal point of the room and as a result we will now be replacing the dated light fixture above it with something very plain. Another project for a rainy day.