Personalized Asian ArtAre you into Asian influenced home decor? If you’d like something Asian inspired for your walls yet more personal than what you’d find at Homesense you might like this idea. While at the CNE a few years ago I discovered a little booth that converted my family’s given names into these wonderful pieces of art. I love them.

They were created on my choice of parchment paper. I purchased the textured background paper from an art store such as DeSerres trimmed to size and framed them in matching inexpensive frames from a chainstore. They would look great in different sized frames also if you prefer to use frames you have. I can change the background paper to add a different color in future if need be. If you were to put them all in one large frame you could choose a shadow box type frame and incorporate some chopsticks for interest. Another idea might be to add some asian fabric as a background to the arrangement. The possibilities are endless.

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"Just wanted to thank you again for the redesign of my main floor. Some of the changes were more dramatic than others, but I liked each one. We now have a living room that's usable. I so like the idea of using my own pieces to get a new look. I would recommend it for anyone who has a problem with design or just needs a new perspective. I enjoyed your company and learned a few things as we worked. All the best on your future redesigns."

S.N., Milton

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