Cat friendly decorating, redesign to purr about!
Ahhhh, a space to call my own!

I recently had the opportunity to do a redesign for clients who have 3 dogs and 4 cats who share their modest home. Having done many redesigns for cat owners I can tell you that cats are not my friends when I’m changing their familiar surroundings. However, in this case I seem to have made friends with these furry little critters by giving them a space of their own, where their canine companions cannot easily find them. It seems that when I relocated the sofa to be slightly angled in a corner I opened up a space behind it that immediately welcomed occupancy for only those who could enter through an open end table to the side. Who says pets can’t enjoy the benefits of a great furniture layout!

Getting Connected


"I just wanted to write a note to let you know how thrilled we are with ‘Rediscover Your Home’. We’ve had 9 years of growth and accumulation since moving to our current home. The stuff we needed and used was all there, but in a format that no longer met our family’s needs. Helping sort and organize the rooms to functionally meet our current lifestyle was a great step forward, then identifying ‘memory items’, including photos and wall art that make it feel and look like home, pulled it all together. The boys (including Dad) are able to help run the day to day events, entertaining and sports – thanks to the organization making sense, and we are enjoying our family time way more as a result! Even my Father-in-law commented on the new room layouts and pictures on the walls! I will definitely be in contact when we need to update the space again! Thanks for making my ‘house of stuff’ a home again and workable for our family using items we liked and already owned! All the best."

~ Felicity G, Mississauga

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