redesign the bathroomWhen it’s re-purposed of course! I’m not a big fan of an exposed trash can in the bathroom. I personally think they should be hidden under the sink. So when my son gave me this beautiful teak set for Christmas a few years back I came up with a new use for the beautiful wood can. Now it holds a botanical arrangement on the counter. I quite like the scale and the way it contrasts the wall. A big fan of texture I searched out some unusual dried botanicals that would really make a statement. Add a maintenance free (very real looking) fake plant and voila! You have a fantastic focal point for the sometimes boring counter. You’ll notice in the photo that there is a nice piece of coral. This was rediscoved (pun intended) last summer when moving my parents to their new home. It used to sit on my dresser when I was a child and I was delighted to A) find it again and B) put it to good use! Funny how things look new again when you move them to a different room, arrangement or home. What everyday items are waiting to be re-purposed in your home?

Is your home a mishmash of gold and silver light fixtures, accent hardware, and door knobs? If so I encourage you to be consistent when upgrading these items. One of the things that contributes to a pulled together decorating scheme is consistency in finishes. By this I mean that if you’ve got a brushed nickel faucet in the bathroom and are considering a new light fixture, drawer pulls, towel bar etc. keep to brushed nickel also. This may be less important if your fixtures are hidden behind a shower curtain but those things that are on display for all to see are more harmonious if you keep to an overall theme. One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that if you are going to update a room it’s wise to wait until you can afford to make most of the changes within a two year time span because certain colors and finishes are sometimes only available for a few years and this makes them difficult to match once they are no longer available. Now – having said this it is always possible to tie what you’ve already got together with newer items with the help of redesign principals and an expert in redesign!

If we had a choice – most of us would choose sun over rain for the last long weekend of the summer. I personally enjoyed the rain last weekend and saw it as an opportunity to rediscover my creative side and finish up a project I had started at the beginning of the summer.

I thought it would be fun to create a frame for a very plain mirror that has hung in the cottage bathroom since 1985. Inspired by nature (we’ve spent many weekends at the cottage this year) I gathered up some cedar branches of different diameters and cut random pieces at different lengths and glued them to a very rustic wooden frame which my husband put together for me. We then inserted the mirror, used silicone to secure into the frame and waited a few hours for it to dry before we could hang it. I have to say it turned out nicely and it was an easy and fun project for a rainy day. I discovered that once hung it became THE focal point of the room and as a result we will now be replacing the dated light fixture above it with something very plain. Another project for a rainy day.

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"Thank you so much for the dramatic redesign. Even though I have a knack for home décor myself, I was challenged by the space. Simply switching the placement of my dining area to the other side of the room, made the living room seem so much bigger yet more inviting. Your creative displays of the things that were special to me really completed the look. I am enjoying my home more than ever before."

~ S. Kirkman, Brampton

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