If you’re one of those people who tire of art pieces quickly like I am you are always searching for something that keeps you coming back for another look. Personalized scrapbook pages just might be the answer.

Scrapbook page wall decorLast summer I craved something interesting to hang on the dark paneled wall of our in-law’s cottage. I had taken a ton of “catch of the day” photos over the years that begged to be out on display. I thought it might be fun to create a tribute to all the fish who gave their lives to enrich the cottage experience of of our cottage guests. I knew I needed something large due to the number of photos so I set out shopping. I purchased a really nice and very large (about 3′ square) frame from a bargain rack at a decorating shop. It was discounted due to the missing glass. No problem, I scrap booked the cardboard inside the frame with beautiful paper, created a pleasing photo arrangement, embellished it a little with some fishing themed stuff to add texture and interest. It’s a great conversation piece and reminds us of all the friends who’ve visited and enjoyed their vacation time with us. Once I finished I brought up a photo album for others to add to so I have the next potential arrangement waiting in the wings!