How important are lamps in your house?

I am always surprised by how few lamps my clients have in their homes. Lamps (ambient lighting) are an important and functional part of a room’s decor. Nothing warms up a room like adding color to the walls and introducing some ambient lighting. Whether you’re watching television or reading a book it’s nice to have soft light nearby rather than a harsh glaring glow from the middle of your ceiling. Sure – when you loose something in the couch cushions you might need the big bright light to find it, but using 3 lamps spaced in a large triangle around the room in areas close at hand will add a cozy feel and give off a warm glow that is peaceful and relaxed.

If you decide to purchase lamps I suggest you look for ones that cast light down rather than up toward the ceiling. Think about your wall color and choose something with contrast and interest. A tri light allows you to have 3 different intensities of light from one lamp depending on your needs. Remember that if the shades are dark the lighting will be dimmer than that of a light colored shade. Keep scale in mind – if you have a large overstuffed sofa a small lamp will look lost on the table beside it. Floor lamps are great in spaces where a table isn’t possible.

Not sure about what to choose? Keep the receipt and leave the tags on until you decide your purchase meets your needs. Once you find the right piece you won’t know how you enjoyed your room without ambient lighting!